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Since 1973 the Country Cousin Restaurant has been serving our friends great home style meals.

The Country Cousin Restaurant is a family favorite for many. The people who come to eat here tell us of stories of when their parents used to bring them the Country Cousin. Now they are continuing the tradition of bringing their kids to enjoy great food and atmosphere. Plus, the rooster is still crowing since 1973.

Located in Centralia, Washington, we are conveniently located halfway between Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. If you find yourself traveling up or down the I-5 corridor, make sure you stop in, say “hi” and enjoy one of our fantastic meals. There is plenty to choose from as you will see on our menu pages.

Also, do you have an event you would like to have hosted and/or catered? We offer a great banquet room or we can come to where you are having the event. Our catering menu is a statement, “If you can dream it… We can make it!” Fill out our online request form, call or come in today to book your event and catering today.

When you come to the Country Cousin Restaurant you are family. We look forward to serving you. 

Evolution of the Pot Roast

Evolution of a Pot Roast

Many years ago, when the world was flat and Centralia was the center of the known world, there evolved a very intelligent species of early man known as “Homo Sapien Centralius” who dwelled in the caves of outer Centralia.

Our mission was to form an expedition to study early Centralia Man’s eating habits and the correlation to his superior intelligence, and to find the real meaning of life. We found the legendary caves after a long search. Written on the boulders and cave walls, we found the recipes for the early dweller’s diets.

Removing the “Cook Book” proved to be too difficult (mainly because it weighed several tons). So we translated the message and recreated the recipe, taking a few liberties. This same recipe is yours to enjoy when you order our Country Pot Roast.

Departing the cave, we heard thunder and observed lightning strike the cave, sealing it forever, delivering the message: Don’t Mess Around

Scientific Conclusion: Eat Pot Roast… It might make you smarter.

Uncle Dick
House Historian Public Service

P.S. Bones from your Pot Roast could be used for belts, earrings and necklaces. Be in Style!!!

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